The Blog -- I Would Like to Report a Miracle

It all started during the early days of covid. My 10-year-old grandson had online school and my daughter and son-in-law were working outside the home, so he and I zoomed a lot. One of the things we shared was a book about a boy and a dragon. It was a precious time and when he was able to go back to school, I missed our time together.

Soon after, I spontaneously started writing a story, a love letter to Mother Earth which included a boy and a dragon. I wrote it because it made me feel so good and I shared it with a few people; the feedback I received was it made the readers feel good too! At this point the thought of publishing it started popping into my head. Now I’m faithful at following my intuition, but I saw no outer reality to this idea. I was 76 and had just had two life threatening stays in the ICU. Plus, I had no money, so I let it go, but the thought kept coming. So… in exasperation one day I yelled out, “Then show me the money!”

The very next day, a friend I had shared the story with totally surprising herself blurted out, “I’ll finance publishing your story. I’m all in,” and that was just the beginning of a cascade of synchronicities. Now it was clear I had to publish. Another friend referred me to the editor who had worked with her, a gifted writer in his own right, and of Indigenous descent. Two months previously he had had a dream that an unlikely author would receive a story with a message needed at this time and she would need support. He understood my story in his cells.

Those of you who have self-published a book know how much work it is. I’ve had to make so many decisions about things I previously knew nothing about, and it has been daunting. Yet whatever support I needed just came. All I had to do was ask for help, and it would come, often from an unexpected direction. Clearly, this book was meant to be published and Loving Forces in the universe made sure it was. Miracles do happen!