Reviews of Sam, Maddie, and the Mirror Dragon

asteriskFairy tales have been told and retold for thousands of years, and many of them have become classic today’s works of art. Sam, Maddie, and the Mirror Dragon is a fairy tale for our time, dealing with ominous climate changes in a format that is beautifully written, both poignant and inspirational. Its mythical creatures engage in adventures that not only reflect the realities of our ecological crises but propose their solutions. In earlier eras, storytelling often has changed history; following in this tradition, Flanders and Pritchard have incorporated today’s realities into a fanciful narrative that is both enjoyable to read, and so provocative it will spur its readers to confront these problems and work to solve them.
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Co-author, Personal Mythology

asteriskThis book made my heart sing!!! I loved this enchanting story about two teenagers who discover their magical connection to mother earth. The book is important because it combines environmental knowledge in a fantastical, whimsical way that is engaging for kids of all ages. I enjoyed the illustrations, especially Professor Schroom! It's a feel-good read.
Christie Vallance, Inspire Wellbeing

asteriskThis is a wonderful book and I loved it. It’s a mix of fantasy, education and things to do to help the environment told in a fun engaging story. It's GREAT for all ages. Mary D.

asteriskWhat a lovely story!

The subject was of personal interest to me, as my husband is an environmental consultant who works on groundwater and soil remediation. He and I spoke about how little either of us ever learned about these topics in middle school and high school when we were growing up, and how important a book like yours could be in those educational settings today.

I can imagine an entire environmental course being taught alongside this book, as there are so many topics covered in detail. Professor Schroom’s appearances (one of my favorite characters, by the way) could warrant a whole course all on their own. I think this educational aspect, combined with the book’s fantastical backdrop, is what makes this book special—particularly in regards to keeping the attention of a young audience.

One final thing: while my five-year-old son is not your main intended target, I thought you might be interested to know that he is fascinated by your story. I read him the first several chapters this weekend, and he keeps asking me to read more. He also loves the illustrations (which, I have to agree, they’re something special.)

Thank you for the opportunity to be a small part of your book—it has been such a pleasure to work on, and I can’t wait to buy the published version for my son! Suzanne Coner, Mayfly Design

asteriskThis book describes real world problems and how to fix them. Steven E., secondary school student

asteriskMay many readers find themselves inspired intellectually and awakened spiritually by the deep wisdom and knowledge within this book, and may it help usher in our beautiful future! Mare Cromwell, Great Mother Love Way

asteriskAs you dive into the world of Sam, Maddie, perhaps you will feel, like I did, as if you are drinking from a deep well of wisdom that allows the remembrance of a long-forgotten time when we were kin with all of nature, including the more than human realm. What an exciting testament to all the possibilities that hold solutions not problems, and where a refreshingly unique view of the New Earth, were magic is afoot, is within our grasp! Pam Montgomery, Wake up to Nature

asteriskA delightful story of discovery! A wonderful and insightful easy to read adventure story for our time. Sam and Maddie are on a quest to understand the earth and its interactions with us humans. The insights they both gather on their journey leads to increased understanding of how humans interact with the natural world and the consequences. Beautifully illustrated! It creates hope on all levels. Danella M.

asterisk Wow! What a story seeing beyond and interacting with dimensions that are usually unseen and bringing that wisdom to our everyday life on the earth. Author Elizabeth Flanders has done a masterful job of presenting clear scientific research and how SilverLight the Dragon, Mother Tree, Professor Schroom and numerous other beings make these truths possible on the earth. This captivating story guides the reader through the many eye-opening adventures teens Sam and Maddie experience from traveling inside a drop of water to communicating with orcas. I read the last page wanting more.  Here is a blueprint for bringing the new earth we all want into being. A book for all ages 8-100.
Dee Wolf, 77 years